Modern Design Sofas has a wide range of price points, we can provide a quality piece for almost any budget.
    We feature our own in house custom upholstery service and over 20 national brands, all at competitive prices. We regularly beat national brands such as Crate and Barrel, Room and Board and others. Our spec and build quality is on par or better and our custom options are huge!
    Call us on anything, we have quite a bit more flexibility than we can show here online.

    General price ranges

    Upholstered sofa 1000 - 3500
    Leather sofa 1870 - 5900

    Upholstered sectional 1500 - 6000
    Leather sectional 2900- 10,000

    Fabric chairs 250 - 1700
    Leather chairs 1000 – 2500

    Coffee tables $249-2500
    Dining tables $349-4000
    Dining chairs $90-600
    Media/TV stands: $239-1800
    Barstools: $175-800
    Rugs: $199-2500
    Beds: $599-2500

    Price quotes and info:


Custom sofas and sectionals

Our Seattle showroom is open 7 days a week.

Choose from 1000's of fabrics and leathers. We can build any size or shape you can imagine. Great prices on quality designer furniture. Come see us! Locally owned and operated.

Local Seattle

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